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Has different diameter fixtures on each end; comes with a spade bolt on one side and a Spring Damper Clip on the other, for added ease installing into tight areas.
Unit of Measure


Order Code



N/A 24 gauge

Damper Blade Size

N/A 18 in

Blade Style

N/A Round

Set Includes

N/A 1 - 1/4 in Stamped Wing Nut 1 - 5/16 in Stamped Wing Nut 1 - 5/16 in Washer 1 - Damper Blade 1 - Handle 1 - Spade Bolt 1 - Spring Damper Clip 2 - 1/4 in Washers

Additional Description

N/A All damper configurations are available either Assembled or Unassembled. In either case, all Spade Bolts and Damper Clips will be attached. If you request that they be shipped assembled, we will also attach all Wing Nuts and Washers, and the Handle will be taped to the Damper Blade. If you request they not be shipped assembled, Wing Nuts, Washers, and Handles will arrive in a bag with the partially assembled Damper Blade.