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  • Air Flow Dampers

    In addition to offering all of the separate damper components, ALAN Manufacturing provides complete dampers - our whole range of damper blades with any combination of hardware, available pre-assembled for your convenience.

    (26-gauge steel up thru 12", 14" and larger are 24 gauge steel)

    We have highlighted some of the most popular damper configurations. For any configuration not shown, contact us for pricing. SAH (assembled) or SN (not assembled).

  • Two Stud Air Flow Dampers

    We will make two stud dampers in any size; however, we recommend damper blades in the range of 8 to 24" diameter.

    (26-gauge steel up thru 12", 14" and larger are 24 gauge steel)

    All of the following damper configurations are available for both rectangular and round dampers. DAH (Assembled) or DN (not assembled).

  • Gasketed Air Flow Dampers

    Also available with no gasket

    Order Code: DT/FG/AR5 1/4x2 "size"-tube style
    Tube Styles Available:
    ST - Standard (no crimp)
    SC - Standard Crimp
    DC - Double Crimp

  • Connecting Collar Air Flow Dampers
  • Modulating Zone Air Flow Dampers

    ALAN's proportional zone damper control system allows assembly of an independent HVAC damper unit or several dampers, controlled by two choices;

    • An R/C (remote control) wireless thermostat used as a room/zone control
    • Wall mounted Thermostat control with low voltage wiring as a room/zone control