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  • Convertible Powered Floor/Wall Register Dampers

    Proper ventilation within your home or business is vital to the health and comfort of the occupants as well as to the efficiency and energy usage of your HVAC system. A well-functioning ventilation system will allow for the smooth flow of warm or cool air and will also effectively move and filter air through the ductwork to remove allergens such as pollen and dust.

    One way of improving airflow in the ductwork of the HVAC system is through the use of dampers. Dampers work as valves within the ductwork to either stop or redirect the flow of air. Think of them as doors or plates within the ductwork that can be closed to shut off airflow or angled open to direct airflow.

    Dampers can be mechanical, operated by hand with a crank or handle to rotate the plate open or closed; one example of this is dampers used in the flue of a chimney to open the structure for smoke to escape when a fire is burning. Dampers can also be motorized, such as dampers used as part of an HVAC system to maintain climate zones within a home, office, or commercial building. Motorized dampers may be wired to and controlled by a thermostat or may be part of an overall building control system.  

    Benefits of a Motorized Damper

    Adding motorized dampers is an efficient way of creating heating and cooling zones within a building. Often referred to as Volume Control Dampers, or VCD, these motorized dampers are controlled by a thermostat. You can program them to control the climate and temperature of different parts, or zones, of the home for specific times of the day. For example, living areas may be zoned for higher volumes of air during the daytime while bedrooms may be zoned to receive more air at night.

    Motorized dampers offer greater control of airflow and air volume than merely closing a vent in a wall or on the floor. Dampers function system-wide throughout the ductwork to direct the flow and volume of air. Closing the supply vents doesn’t stop the outflow of air in the system and may actually cause a buildup of air pressure within the ductwork, putting a strain on the HVAC system.

    Motorized dampers offer energy efficiency benefits for your home or business as well. With the use of VCDs to create climate zones that match occupant use of the building, energy usage will decrease when compared to heating or cooling all parts of a home or building 24 hours a day. With zones, you can also take into account the number of floors and the impact of heat rising to the higher floors as well as areas of the building that receive greater amounts of sunlight and are naturally warmer due to ambient heat.

    We Have a Motorized Damper for Your Needs

    Alan Manufacturing offers a wide range of motorized dampers to keep your building comfortable and your HVAC system energy-efficient. For more information about how motorized dampers can improve the ventilation and climate control of your home or business, contact us or view our motorized damper systems products below!

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