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ALAN's proportional zone damper control system allows assembly of an independent HVAC damper unit or several dampers, controlled by two choices;
  • An R/C (remote control) wireless thermostat used as a room/zone control
  • Wall mounted Thermostat control with low voltage wiring as a room/zone control
Unit of Measure


Alternating Current (AC) Voltage

N/A 24 V


N/A 50/60 Hz

Storage Temperature

N/A -30 to 90 ºC-22 to 194 ºF

Operation Modes

N/A Cool Heat Ventilation

System Task


  • Automatic control of room temperature modulating the optimal air quantity with 5 damper shutter positions:
      0 % (closed), 25 %, 50 %, 75 %, and 100 % (opened) entering to the room from the HVAC unit.
  • Manual control on air quantity entering the room from the HVAC unit.
  • To adapt to any existing HVAC system.

System Includes


  • Stabilized power unit 24 V/12 VDC used lo power up 1 to 6 damper units each independently controlled.
  • Stabilized, splitter power unit 24 V/12 VDC used to power up 1 to 3 damper units - Up to 5 splitters interconnected to control a maximum of 15 damper units by one thermostat controller.
  • Round, Rectangular, or retrofit damper unit, with damper and motor unit with power supply cable 12 VDC 6 m. long
  • Electronic IR Receiver unit model ATDC-I with Communication cable 6 m. long, to connect between IR Receiver and damper unit. Screws to attach to wall or ceiling supplied.
  • R/C (remote control) wireless thermostat with mode "I FEEL" + wall bracket with 2 batteries AAA for R/C thermostat to communicate with Electronic IR Receiver.

  • or
  • Attractive modern styling, microprocessor based room thermostat, model ATRTD-1C, with digital display and varied control options.

System's Features


  • Power Supply; 24VAC + 10 %, 50/60 Hz.
  • Operation modes: Cool, Ventilation, Heat
  • Optimal control on air quantity entering the room by 5 damper positions
  • Storage temp -30 ºC to 90 ºC (-22º F to 194º F)
  • Friendly & easy installation with plug and play wiring
  • "Self Test mode" technicians assurance test for proper operation and installation