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The eWU4 series offers a wired and wireless solution in one panel

Next Generation Universal Zoning Panel

The eWU4 controls gas/electric, conventional and dual fuel heat pumps using standard thermostats or wireless thermostats and spring return, power open/close or modulating wired dampers or wireless dampers.

For New and Existing Homes and Light Commercial.
Unit of Measure

Installer Options

Zone Number

N/A 4

Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Quick and easy set up using PDM on the panel
  • Use PDM to select options, test installation and display detailed data
  • Quickly clone multiple panels
  • Eliminate bypass duct work using modulating actuators
The installer can optionally select a wide range of options and settings to tailor the panel to the HVAC equipment and customer preferences.

Multi-colored LED indicates when the HVAC system is in heating (red), cooling (yellow) or continuous fan (green). LED blinks red or yellow when staged and blinks green when in purge cycle.

Multi-colored LEDs indicate when a zone thermostat is calling for heating (red), cooling (yellow) or continuous fan (green). LEDs blink when staged.

PDM used to configure panel, display features and performance and test panel and equipment.

Use an external switch or timer to connect 24 VAC to the V/O terminal to select Vacant mode.

Terminals for gas/electric or heat pump type thermostats. 24 VAC, power robbing or battery operated.

Optional duct pressure sensor for bypass control using modulating, non-calling zone dampers.

Terminals for optional discharge air temperature and outdoor temperature sensors.

Optional power for wireless thermostat in Zone1 using two of the existing thermostat wires.

Multi-colored LED indicates when panel is operating normally (blinking green), an option, timer or temperature sensor is inhibiting calls or staging (blinking yellow) or when a communication error or sensor failure has occurred (blinking red). The PDM can be used to display the equipment status and any error messages.

LEDs indicate when damper is fully open (green), fully closed (off) or when damper is in a modulated position (blinking green).

RH-RC jumper. Cut for split system with separate heating and cooling transformers.

Terminals for gas/electric or heat pump equipment.

DS/BK Terminals for low speed fan control.

Output to control modulating equipment.

Screwless terminals.

Terminal for 24 VAC power open/close, spring return or modulating damper actuator.

Terminals for 24 VAC power for the panel, zone thermostats and damper actuators.

Automatic reset fuse.

Connector for PDM carried by the installer.

Optional plugin ISM wireless radio.

Zoning Case

The zoning case has ample room for all wiring with multiple outlets.



  • Compatible with gas/electric systems with 3-stage heating and 2-stage cooling
  • Compatible with conventional and dual fuel heat pumps with 2-stage compressor and 2-stage auxiliary or fossil fuel heating
  • Use any 24 VAC or battery powered wired thermostat. Use the T200 wireless thermostat in any zone where wiring from the panel to the thermostat is difficult and disruptive
  • Use any 24 VAC, spring return, power open/close or modulating wired damper or wireless dampers
  • Eliminate bypass duct work using modulating or wireless dampers that open non-calling zones just enough to maintain allowable duct pressure
  • Quickly clone multiple panels using previously saved configurations
  • Quick View LEDs show the status of each zone thermostat, HVAC system, panel and zone dampers

Optional Plugin ISM Radio

Optional Plugin ISM Radio

N/A The ISM radio module communicates with wireless thermostats and wireless dampers and eliminates the need to install wires from the wireless thermostats and dampers to the zoning panel where installing wires are difficult and disruptive. The module manages wireless communications and insures wireless zones will be serviced.

Option Selection

Option Selection

N/A Programming equipment selections and options are done using the PDM module. The PDM can be permanently attached to the panel or carried by the installer. The PDM tutors the installer through the option selections, displays the complete status of the HVAC system, panel, zone thermostats and dampers and can be used to test the installation.
  • Type of HVAC equipment.
  • Heating stages used.
  • Auxiliary heating stages used.
  • Compressor stages used.
  • Gas/electric Indoor fan operation.
  • Fossil fuel changeover temperature.
  • Type of thermostat used in each zone.
  • O or B type heat pump thermostat.
  • Eliminate bypass duct using non-calling zone damper with modulating actuators.
  • Number of zones used.
  • Equal or unequal zone sizes.
  • Capacity of each zone when not equal.
  • Type of damper actuator used.
  • Emergency heating memory.
  • Supply air temperature limits.
  • Return air temperature limits.
  • Terminal selects occupied or vacant mode.
  • Opposite system service.
  • Purge after heat/cool call.
  • Heat/cool priority.
  • Limit staging using outdoor temperature.
  • Use call timer to advance staging.
  • Limit staging using calling capacity.
  • Monitor duct pressure.
  • Minimum run time.
  • Minimum off time.
  • Minimum heat/cool changeover time.

Contractor Options

Contractor Options

  • Enter and display contractor name and telephone number
  • Contractor's name and telephone number is displayed each year when annual service is required