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RM-ME self-regulating dual-flow motorized dampers are designed for ventilation systems used in commercial spaces. They modulate open and closed via a blade controlled by an electric motor. Each round damper blade is available in a choice of four diameters: 125, 150, 160, and 200 mm.
Unit of Measure



N/A Anjos

RM-ME Dual-Flow Damper Diameter

N/A 125 mm

Minimum Flow Rate ('Off' Cycle)

N/A 15 to 50 m³/h

Maximum Flow Rate ('On' Cycle)

N/A 50 to 180 m³/h

Minimum Flow Rate Pressure

N/A 50 to 250 Pa

Maximum Flow Rate Pressure

N/A 60 to 250 Pa


N/A Body and Blade Made of Plastic (Class M1) Connection Cable (Approximate Length: 20 cm) Electric Motor Unit Flow Regulator Built into the Blade (Minimum Flow Rate) Galvanized Steel Casings Upstream Flow Regulator (Maximum Flow Rate)

Response Time

Open Response Time

N/A 8 seconds

Close Response Time

N/A 8 seconds


Power Supply Alternating Current (AC)/Direct Current (DC) Voltage

N/A 24 V

Power Consumption

N/A 2.5 W

Power Consumption at 24 Volt (V) Alternating Current (AC)/Direct Current (DC) Voltage

N/A 1.2 W

Number of Duty Cycles

N/A 30,000

Maximum Operating Temperature

N/A 60 ºC

Power Cable

N/A Two 0.75 mm² wires


N/A 0.3 N·m



  • Closed position ('off' cycle): a portion of the nominal flow rate is delivered via a solid blade with a built-in dia. 80 mm or 100 mm flow regulator
  • Open position ('on' cycle): the nominal flow rate is controlled by a flow regulator fitted upstream of the damper blade
  • Spring return to original position and power off
  • Specific flow rate controlled by the two flow regulators across a pressure range of 50 to 250 Pa (minimum flow rate) and 60 to 250 Pa (maximum flow rate)



N/A The minimum flow rate is ensured by a flow regulator built into the blade when the dampers are in the closed position ('off' cycle). Conversely, the maximum flow rate is ensured by a flow regulator fitted upstream of the dampers when they are in the open position ('on' cycle). The dampers are returned to their original position (minimum flow) by a spring when the motor is powered off.



N/A These dampers fit all 120-200 mm round ducts. They must remain easily accessible for maintenance.

Slide the ends of the ducts over the metal casings up to the edges of the plastic body of the damper. Secure the ducts with mastic, adhesive tape, or clamps.

If the dampers are fitted in horizontal ducts, make sure that the DOWN marking on the front of the regulator is facing in the correct direction (motor at top).

Identify the correct air flow direction indicated on the dampers before fitting.

Do not insert screws into the plastic body or into a 20 mm area on either side of it. Doing so may jam the damper blade. Screws with a maximum length of 20 mm may be inserted beyond this area.

Never turn the blade by hand. Doing so may damage the motor.

Never remove the metal casings from the plastic body of the damper.

These dampers are set to be fully open or fully closed. They cannot be placed in intermediate positions. Do not fit stops to prevent the dampers from fully opening or closing.

Never operate the dampers for extended periods in conditions of high humidity and never above a relative humidity of 90%.

Electrical Connections

N/A For safety purposes, install a 1-amp phase-neutral circuit breaker in the distribution board.

Connect the cable to a nearby junction box.

Caution: Always disconnect the power to the circuits of the dampers before attempting to service them.

Available Flow Rates

Available Flow Rates

N/A The maximum and minimum flow rates possible with RM-ME dual-flow motorized dampers are given in the table opposite.