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The WRC can control air flow from 1024 different wireless dampers installed on ceiling diffusers or registers. Each damper is programmed from the WRC with a Zone number from 1 to 32 and an Address from 1 to 32. Typically, a single WRC would control up to 32 different diffusers or dampers with the same Address. If more than 32 diffusers need to be controlled in a single building, work spaces or floors in that building could be assigned to different Addresses and another WRC used for that floor or work space.
Unit of Measure



N/A Molded Plastic Area

Wireless Control

N/A Uses 915 MHz ISM band with proprietary protocol. Indoor range is over 100 feet.

Number of Dampers

N/A 32

Remote Control Operation

N/A Remote Control of Air flow


N/A 32 Different Addresses to Distinguish Departments or Floors.

Battery Powered

N/A Used Two AAA Batteries.

Damper Operation

N/A Wireless Remote Controlled Air flow

Damper Close Limit

N/A Limit closed position to insure minimum air flow when damper is closed.

Damper Torque

N/A 80 oz·in

Damper Alternating Current (AC) Voltage

N/A 24 V

Damper Current

N/A 2.8 A

Damper Housing Capacity

N/A 24 gal

Damper Housing Material

N/A Galvanized Steel


N/A 32 Different Zones



N/A 5.60 in


N/A 1.70 in


N/A 0.80 in

User Options

Zone Number

N/A 1 to 32

Factory Setting Zone Number

N/A 1

Home Number

N/A 1 to 32

Factory Setting Home Number

N/A 1

Program Damper Address

N/A Zone and Home Number

Adjust Zone Air flow

N/A 1 to 100 %

Displaying Procedure

Displaying Procedure

N/A Selecting the Zone Number
Press and release the SEL key and the LCD will show the Zone number. Use the Up and Down keys to change the Zone number, and press the ENT key. The new Zone number and Air flow will be displayed. Zones or diffusers are numbered 1 to 32.

Selecting the Address Number
Select a unique address number corresponding to the department, floor or building. Press and release the SEL key twice and the LCD will show the Address number. Use the Up and Down keys to select the Address, and press the ENT key.

Selecting the Damper Zone and Home Address
The WCD Damper Actuator must be programmed to receive the remote commands corresponding to the selected Zone and Address numbers. After selecting the Zone and Address numbers as previously described, press the small pushbutton switch on the WCD Damper Actuator. The LED will alternately blink red and green. During the next 30 seconds, the Zone and Address can be programmed into the WCD Damper Actuator.
Press and release the SEL key three times until PRG DPR appears in the lower left corner of the LCD. Press the ENT key and the WCD Damper will be programmed with the Zone and Address number.

After selecting the Zone number, press the Up and Down keys to set the Air flow. Pressing the ENT key sends the new Air flow setting to the WCD Damper.

Low Battery Warning
When batteries are low, the display will show "Lob" and the batteries should be changed. Lithium AAA batteries should be used for longer life.
Remove battery cover and install two AAA batteries as shown.

3-Year Limited Warranty
This is a "Limited Warranty" which gives you specify rights. You may have other rights which vary from state to state.

For a period of three years from the date of purchase, any malfunction caused by factory defective parts o- workmanship will be corrected at no cost to you.



  • Control air flow from a ceiling diffuser, register or grill
  • Wireless control using the wireless remote or wireless thermostat
  • Automatic control of air flow based on temperature set point.



  • Damper slips into diffuser collar between the flex duct drop and ceiling diffuser, or in flex duct run
  • A Remote controls up to 32 different AZRD-A80WL Dampers. A Wireless Thermostat controls one or more AZRD-A80WL Dampers controlling air flow to a space where the thermostat is located
  • Multiple dampers can be powered by a single 24 VAC transformer installed in the ceiling space
  • Mechanical Closed position limit can be used to insure minimum air flow

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A The actuator/damper can be digitally set to any air flow from 0% (fully closed) to 100% (fully open) using the WRC. The remote remembers the setting for each zone when the zone is selected.
Displays the selected zone or damper number.
Displays the percent of maximum air flow.
SEL key is used to select the Zone or Address number or program the damper Zone and Address.
ENT key is used to enter or save the selected Air flow, Zone or Address number and send data to the damper.
Up and Down keys for setting the Air flow level, Zone number or Address.
The remote allows you to control 32 groups of dampers or zones and up to 32 different home or building addresses. Set the air flow from 0 to 100%. Remote is also used to program the zone and home number for a wireless actuator.