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The A80-WLZ is a wireless controlled zoning actuator that eliminates wiring from the actuator to the zoning panel. It works with eControls wireless zoning panels. Tested to over 9 million cycles, the damper is quiet and reliable.
Unit of Measure



N/A Modulating Wireless Control

Torque (Open and Close)

N/A 80 in·oz5 in·lb

Rotation Angle

N/A 90 º

Adjustable Positioning

N/A Damper position is controlled by the wireless zoning panel.

Operate Time

N/A 3 seconds from fully Open to Fully Closed


N/A Very Quiet

Direction of Rotation

N/A CCW to Open, viewed from top of actuator

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Indicator Color (Open)

N/A Green

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Indicator Color (Close)

N/A Red

Alternating Current (AC) Electrical Power Running Voltage

N/A 24 V

Running Electrical Power Current

N/A 2.8 V·A

Holding Electrical Power Current

N/A 1 V·A


N/A Mounting bosses at both ends for #8 screws.

Damper Shaft Shape

N/A Square Shaft, Keyed

Damper Shaft Size

N/A 0.215 x 0.215 in


N/A Molded plastic case

Electrical Connection

N/A Screw terminals, COM and 24 VAC for power


N/A Uses ISM band, 915 MHz with a range over 100 feet

Zone Number

N/A 4



N/A 4.64 in


N/A 2.41 in


N/A 1.30 in

Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Quick and easy set up using PDM on the panel
  • Use PDM to select options, test installation and display detailed data
  • Quickly clone multiple panels
  • Eliminate bypass duct work using modulating actuators

Eliminate Bypass Duct Work

Eliminate Bypass Duct Work

N/A The A80-WLZ is a modulating actuator and can be used to eliminate constructing bypass duct work and installing a barometric damper. Noncalling zone dampers open just enough to bypass enough CFM to avoid excessive duct pressure or noise.

Programmable Address Number

Programmable Address Number

N/A The small push button switch and LEDs can be used to set the actuator the zone and home number or auxiliary function such as fresh air damper or economizer damper control.

Adjustable Close Limit

Adjustable Close Limit

N/A The Close position can be set using the internal cam. Simply loosen the screw and rotate the red cam CW and tighten the screw. Minimum close position can be used to insure some air flow even when damper is closed.



N/A Made in the USA.